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Greaserís Palace (1972)

Tags: Minimal Screentime, Comedy, Last Resort for the Obsessive Fan, Independent, Career Trajectory: Unknown Actor, On DVD in Region 1, Unrated


Satire sets story of Jesus in the Old West.


Robert Downey Sr.

Downey Factor

Very low. Appears in a few scenes but has no lines.


Uncredited, young boy at a pioneer camp who gets his throat slit by god.


Seven years old.


Mopey, ragdoll.

Dies, Gay or Villain

Yes, heís only 7, no.


Allan Arbus, Albert Henderson, Luana Anders, George Morgan


Elsie Downey in Pound and Moment to Moment. Robert Downey Sr.ís Hugo Pool, Pound, Up the Academy, Moment to Moment, Rented Lips, America, Too Much Sun, in The Last Party and Johnny Be Good. Allan Arbus in Too Much Sun.

RDJ Says

Greaserís Palace was about a messiah, it was about how even god is an actor. It just seemed like part of my day was: Dad isnít into the child-labor laws, but he wants to have an eight-year-old get his neck slit by god in Greaserís Palace, so youíre in the movie. I was pissed. I wasnít into it ... I didnít understand why more than one take was necessary.

Time & Place

Nineteenth century, American old west.


Released on 31 July 1972. Rare. Released on DVD in Region 1.

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Rotten Tomatoes

40% Fresh | 5 Reviews

Critical View

Vincent Canby, The New York Times: Greaserís Palace does to vulgar humor what the George Stevens film did to Christianity: it embraces it with awe and far too many technical resources. The film, Iím told, cost close to $1-million, and it looks it, which depresses me even more than its witlessness. Just a few years ago, Downey could have made a couple of dozen movies with that money.

Nathan Rabin, AV Club: As a product of an unusually adventurous time in cinema history, Greaserís Palace has perverse appeal. As a comedy, itís virtually unwatchable.

2 Reasons to See It

1. You dig Ď70s cult satire.
2. You also have the hubba hubba in your soul.


It is a strange, Ď70s underground cult movie.

If You Liked It

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